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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink matcha while pregnant or breast feeding?
This is a personal choice. We recommend you speak to your doctor. We do have pregnant and breastfeeding customers who enjoy one cup of matcha a day. N.B., Matcha contains the caffeine of one-tenth of a coffee.
Does matcha contain caffeine?
Yes, matcha and green tea contain caffeine. But only one-tenth the caffeine of a coffee. Matcha also delivers this caffeine very differently. With matcha, caffeine is absorbed and released slowly by the body over a period of 6 - 8 hours. So, unlike coffee, matcha gives a smooth, sustained energy boost with no spikes, slumps or “jitters”. The L-theanine amino acid in matcha is known to increase alpha waves in the brain. This correlates with greater calmness and concentration giving you a “Zen” state of mind.
Do I need to use a bamboo whisk?
Using a bamboo whisk enhances the matcha experience as the prongs best suspend the matcha particles throughout the tea. Though a bamboo whisk may improve matcha's taste, a teaspoon and mug will do. Simply dissolve the matcha in a small amount of water and mix thoroughly before topping up with more water.
How do you use matcha?
Traditionally matcha is drunk as a hot drink prepared using a bamboo matcha whisk. However, matcha can be used in many ways: hot tea, iced tea, latte, smoothie or baked in a cake.
How is matcha different to standard green tea bags?
When you drink Evergreen Matcha you drink the whole tea leaf dissolved in water not just the steeped water from the leaves. The result? You drink green tea that is more than 10 times stronger than a regular brewed tea bag, with 137 times the antioxidants. Matcha's reputation in Asian culture is as the “Champagne” of tea. Only the finest leaves are selected and processed into a beautiful, young, matcha green tea powder.
How long does matcha last?
When stored in a cool, dark environment (like your fridge) matcha tea will stay in good condition for over 18 months. Out of the fridge you will notice that the matcha may lose some vibrancy and health benefits. It will, however, still be fine to drink.
How much matcha should I consume each day?
We recommend 1 - 3 serves per day. This helps you reach the USDA’s antioxidant target for good health. Drinking more matcha is fine. Like anything, we advise you monitor how your body feels. Especially since matcha does affect appetite, mood, and energy. We wouldn't recommend drinking more than 21 cups per day of anything. But if you drink more matcha than this you may exceed some daily recommended nutrient levels. Any more will just be passed through and not absorbed by your body.
How should I store matcha?
Matcha stores best in the fridge. Evergreen Matcha's original packaging is airtight and blocks out light. For best results, place the entire packet in an airtight container to keep it protected from moisture.
How many antioxidants per serve are in your matcha?

Our matcha contains 1,573 ORAC units per serve - significantly higher than blueberries, broccoli and goji berries.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Antioxidant Comparison Chart
Is your matcha organic?
Yes, our matcha is certified organic in Japan. This means that no fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides were used in the growing, harvesting or processing our matcha.
What does matcha taste like?
Good quality matcha has a very light, naturally sweet taste. You can choose whether you make a stronger flavor by adding more matcha per serve. Matcha should have no bitterness at all and it is very easy to drink.
What grade is your matcha?

There are three grades of matcha:

  • Ceremonial - very expensive, for use in Japanese ceremonies
  • Premium Grade - affordable and very high quality
  • Culinary Grade - cooking, low quality
Our matcha is Premium Grade. It has a light fresh taste and a vibrant green colour and contains the full health benefits of the green tea leaf. Perfect for everyday drinking.
What is matcha?
Matcha starts with the finest green tea leaves. We hand pick and stone grind these into a vibrant green powder. Mixing matcha green tea powder with hot water creates a smooth and delicious green tea with 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea. Since 2012, Evergreen Matcha has been sourcing the finest matcha from Japanese tea farms. Our matcha is bursting with flavour, packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Our tea was even featured on My Kitchen Rules as Australia's "best matcha".
Why are antioxidants important?
Antioxidants destroy free radical particles that damage cells - causing cancer, ageing, strokes and other degenerative diseases. By consuming matcha, your body constantly circulates antioxidants destroying free radicals before they cause any damage. Evergreen Matcha tea powder also contains high levels of EGCg (epigallocatechin gallate). A catechin known to prevent tumour and cancer cell growth, improve brain function, and increase fat oxidation (burn fat!). EGCg is actually sold as a supplement in many health food stores - but why would you need that when you have our amazing matcha.
Why Evergreen Matcha?

Not all matcha is equal.

The three signs of matcha quality are:

  1. Colour: Matcha should be a vibrant green showcasing it’s chlorophyll
  2. Taste: Good matcha is naturally sweet with a vegetal smell that comes from high amino acid levels
  3. Feel: Quality matcha has smaller particles creating a silky smooth tea
Low quality matcha will taste bitter, be gritty in texture and deliver nowhere near the health benefits of Evergreen Matcha.
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