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Evergreen Matcha Founder - Erin

Matcha is made from whole green tea leaves that are stone-ground into a fine, vibrant green powder. Dissolving this powder in water makes a delicious cup of green tea that is well-known for its powerful health benefits including: increasing energy, aiding weight-loss and keeping you fit and healthy with its high levels of anti-oxidants.

Matcha’s unrivalled health benefits come from its unique production process. Unlike standard green tea, matcha is shaded from the sun in the final weeks before harvest, boosting the antioxidant and nutrient content of the leaves. Then, only the freshest and best quality graded green tea leaves are selected, stone-ground and preserved as matcha green tea powder. The result? When you drink matcha you drink the entire leaf – giving you 100% of the health benefits of green tea.

Not all matcha is equal. Unlike other matcha on the market, Evergreen Matcha is premium grade and sourced from family-run farms in Kyoto, Japan. Our premium matcha contains the full health benefits, is a vibrant green colour and has a delicious non-bitter taste.

At Evergeen, quality always comes first. That’s why our Japanese matcha comes with a 100% money back guarantee and free shipping to every state. We pride ourselves on doing one thing and doing it well. Which is why, in 2017, Evergreen Matcha was featured on international TV and named “best matcha on the market.”

Join thousands of delighted customers and try Evergreen Matcha today to boost your energy, protect your health and take one step closer to being your best-self.